Saturday, March 31, 2012

Greetings from the Hellcatacombs

Geary:  Mama has been unusually silent on her blog, so we felt it best to wage a hostile takeover and devote at least one posting to ourselves.  I'm sure there will be many more to follow.
Rocky:  Brother, I found my tail again!  (Chase, chase, chase, chase)
Geary:  Forgive Rocky.  He's often sprayed with the naughty water bottle, or as I've re-named it, the "No Rocky!" Water Bottle.  I'm just repeating what I hear my parents say.  Little pitchers, people.  Anyhow, Daddy is at work and Mama is probably crap-fishing in our litter box, so I thought I would upload a photo of each of us and a short biography.  You're welcome.

Does this couch make me look fat?

I was originally named "Sheldon" by the people who found me, and "Geary" was just a nickname that stuck because I lapped up some of that fine ale that was carelessly spilled by The Cat Whisperer, who is a friend of my parents and the person who gave me to my parents.  Daddy didn't like the name "Sheldon" anyhow.  
I am more like Mama, as I will push people out of the way if there is food to be had, and I have a hard time jumping up onto high surfaces due to my girth (I mean, it gets done, but there will be some hesitant noises discharged from my Fancy Feast-hole.)   My most recent Act of Terror was breaking an Eiffel Tower plate in the entryway which held lots of paperclips.  Messy, messy.  Mama was none-too-pleased as she loves French things and hates when I break her crap.  Ah me, c'est la vie, Mama. Ce chat est très vilains!  I prefer snuggling with Daddy but will take Mama as the back up option.  Or the pink blanket.  I'm not so picky.

I do Feline Yoga...this is called "Kitten's Pose"

 Rocky is my brother.  I don't know our birth order, but I'm pretty sure he just might be adopted.    The Cat Whisperer named him because he will sit up on his hind legs and bat at things like a boxer does.  
Rocky is a lot like Daddy.  He's very adventurous and will climb up onto (or into) anything.  Past adventures include finding his way into the refrigerator and using his nose to open up the bathroom cabinet.  His most recent Act of Terror (which, by the way, put the parents into Code Red status) was leaping from the kitchen table, using the laptop that Auntie Rachel gave Mama and Daddy as a springboard.  It fell, opened, to the chair, then the floor.  The screen was cracked badly and became inoperable.  In an act of solidarity, we both avoided Mama and Daddy for the rest of the day...just in case they were planning to mail us to China.

Rocky:  Brother, it's almost time for Wet Food...that means we'll have farts that only rival Daddy's in stinkisciousness!
Geary:  It's true. With that, dear readers, we will free you from your required reading.  Enjoy your pets and forgive their trespasses, as they forgive yours when you forget to give them fresh water, or don't give them 15 treats when they clearly meowed for more.

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