Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would You, Could You, With A Ring?

I learned a lot about my Grampy at his funeral.  He was 3lb 9oz when he was born.  He worked for one company for the duration of his career.  And one friend of his told me that they decided to join the Navy after a weekend where they "raised some hell."  My Grampy?  Raised hell?  He raised six boys.  Maybe that's what his friend meant.  My Grampy had a great laugh.  It made me laugh because he always sounded so tickled.  He loved blueberry cake (this I remember my Gram telling me; I think Grampy would have eaten anything she made as long as it didn't have tomatoes in it...)  And coffee ice cream!  The first time I made homemade ice cream it was coffee flavored just for Grampy.  I remember listening to his scanner at the house on Rte. 46.  He volunteered for the town fire department and we benefited with firsthand knowledge of what was going on around the area.  Oh wait, one more food memory.  Grampy was the best stovetop popcorn maker.  Big yellow Tuppeware bowl full of popcorn.  Gram always wanted the "old maids." 
But what struck me most was one comment my uncle made.  Grampy used to say "D'oh"  (not in a Homer Simpson-y way, but like an Over East kinda "D'awoh") when he didn't believe something.  It was striking because Beloved says the same thing.  This is not a noise that I hear a lot of people make.  It got me thinking about how much alike they were.  I could be so lucky to find someone as patient, thoughtful, creative, helpful, tenderhearted, and sincere as Grampy.  And I decided I was.  Those are just six of the million reasons that I said Yes this week when Beloved asked if I would marry him. 

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